Everyone loves repeat and referral business!  They’re typically easier transactions, the clients love you, you love them, and it didn’t cost you any real out of pocket expense to get them.  In reality, the agents with the best (and ever increasing) flow of repeat and referral clients invest in those clients year round.

Many agents do a great job of getting the client, but keeping them and ensuring they will use you again or refer you, is a different story.  When you do a great job of being their top of mind agent and they repeat and refer, your database should reflect that by increasing in size every year.

FACT: A minimum of 10% of your total database should be buying or selling with you every year, assuming you speak to them regularly.  Many of our coaching clients track closer to 40% of their business to their ever-expanding database.  You only get those results when regular communication is systematized.

You may be thinking, “I keep in touch with my database!  I email them, send them my monthly newsletter, mail out holiday cards each year, so how come I don’t have 40% of my database buying and selling with me?”

The answer?  Because your communication is built entirely around automation, doesn’t hold enough value and doesn’t make any personal connection with your client list.  If you want to grow you list and your connection with your clients, its time to switch gears.  Build a 12 month plan based on acts of kindness that will put you directly in contact with them, rather than hiding behind electronic communication.

When you communicate with your list in a way that puts you right in front of them, its an active (rather than passive) method that allows you to ask questions using that all important FORD script and can lead you to conversations about real estate that now put you front and center to either get their business or the referral to someone else.

We’ll show you what to say, what to send, who to meet with and how!

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