Ben Caballero, the broker and owner of, is America’s number one real estate agent.  When I say America’s number one real estate agent, I mean that Caballero has sold over 3,500 homes (seven times more homes sold than his top competitor who sold 467 homes) for a total of $1.44B in 2016.  And when I say America’s number one real estate agent, I mean that Caballero tops the coveted REAL Trends “The Thousand” listing for the sixth consecutive year.

Not bad for a real estate agent who sells homes to Texans for more than 60 top builders in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.  Texas, not California, you ask? Texas, where the oil industry has taken it on the chin?  Yes, Texas, as in Dallas, home to 21 Fortune 500 companies; as in Austin, hub for technology, education and legislation: as in San Antonio, that benefits from a massive military base; and as in Houston, though oil dependent, that enjoys continued growth in the number of home sales and price increases.

Ben Caballero

Ben Caballero began working in the construction business in his teens, became an agent at 21 and developed a builder platform application in 2007.  Why the builder platform app?  “You can’t just enter a new home into the MLS and think that’s that.  No, every listing must be updated constantly and that’s what my builder platform delivers.  Plus, I provide builders with custom marketing, product reports, a professional listing photography package and a lead capturing and forwarding system so they can see for themselves that my platform saves them time and money.”   Homes listed with Caballero and his HomeUSA app sell 10-30 days faster than comparable new homes not represented by him and his technology.

In 2015, Caballero was the first realtor to break the $1B threshold in home sales at $1,022B.  In 2016, he broke that record and hit $1.44B.  This figure breaks down into an average of selling 68 homes per week, 10 homes per day and 1.5 homes every hour 7 days a week. His total sales volume from 2010-2016 is $7.2B.  Caballero currently operates in Texas only but he has plans to rollout his technology and services in other large volume homebuilder markets like Florida and North Carolina.

Clearly, Ben Caballero is an acclaimed innovator and pioneer within the real estate industry.  In addition to his recognition as America’s number one real estate agent in 2017 by REAL Trend “The Thousand,” Caballero has also been acknowledged as an 2017 Inman Influencer and SP 2017 Trendsetter by Swanepoel T3 Group.


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