New York’s 8th Annual Digital Workplace and Intranet Global Forum comes to the Big Apple on October 25 & 26, 2017, at the Pfizer World Headquarters, 235 E. 42nd Street. Presented by Toronto’s Prescient Digital Media, this forum is “…North America’s leading dedicated conference…that focuses on design, governance and management of enterprise and social intranets.”

The Digital Workplace and Intranet Global Forum is nearly ideal for real estate professionals and entrepreneurs who are involved with intranet launches, redesigns and/or technical shifts and upgrades.

Experts associated with Prescient Digital Media have been serving dozens of Fortune 500 and brand leaders around the world since 2001.. They focus on listening and understanding their clients and will assist you to do the same by providing training in

– Analyzing your business requirements
– Creating world-class instruments and plans
– End to end solutions for assessing, planning, designing and implementing world-class intranets

The real estate industry has seen an influx of buyers and sellers all over the world. Just look at states such as Washington, Oregon, Florida, Montana, Colorado, California, Texas, etc. that are home or second/third home to international consumers. The more the international community and businesses connect with digital technology, the more once local businesses must connect their digital technology with that community.
This 8th Annual Digital Workplace and Intranet Global Forum in New York during October 25-26 is structured to provide businesses with food for thought and skills in areas such as

– Leveraging social technologies
– Content management, redesign, design, planning, ROI
– Maximizing the user experience by delivering high value intranets
– Boosting visibility and employee productivity, commitment, loyalty
– Top 5 traits of winning intranets and how to get them onto yours
– Writing for the web, intranet, blogs

In addition to skill development, training and stimulated learning, the 8th Annual Digital Workshop and Intranet Global Forum is sure to provide limitless networking opportunities.
And what real estate professional doesn’t need a larger network?

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