Tim and Julie,

   Sometimes entrepreneurs create businesses for the sole purpose of making money. Sometimes in informational products, there is actually very little value in the product. This is not the case for your coaching.

   4 years ago, I hung up my license to go train for the military. Upon returning, I had my first child on the way, and had to get a corporate job to pay the bills. For 2.5 years, I thought about real estate every day, for all of the same reasons that you love real estate. But, after our second child was born, I felt that I was doomed to stay at an $80k/year job to keep my wife home with the kids. Then I found your podcast.

   For a couple of months, I listened to your podcast for multiple hours/day. Everything that I thought I knew about being in real estate was flipped on its ass after what you taught me. I signed up for Premier Coaching before it was called premier coaching. I was still 6 months out from quitting my job, but took every opportunity I could to learn and make a smooth transition. I reached that point of fear where you have to jump or go home. That was one year ago this week. One year ago this week, I informed my company that I would no longer be working for them come July. They had my replacement interviewed and hired in a couple weeks. I was so scared of failure that I didn’t even tell my wife right away.

   Julie, you handle a lot of calls, but you may remember me. I spoke in one of the group calls last summer about how I hit the ground running and had booked 4 or 5 listing appointments in my first month and got none of them to list with me. It hit me hard, but like we are taught at Ft. Benning, “Embrace the suck”. So I pushed on, and took your advice from that call to develop my PLP, PHSS, and the systems in between. This winter was going to be hard for us, but we made it. You often talk about “gaining momentum” or “law of accumulation” in the podcasts. I kept my head down every day, avoided $10/hr activities and the silver bullets.

   My mind is still growing used to this success, but when I got in, I planned on making $80-100k in 2017. I just wanted to replace the income I was making at my other job. I am looking at my sales dashboard right now, and because of what you taught me (and I mean 99% because of what you taught me), I have $50,000 in net commissions from 7 sides pending at this moment that will be in my bank account within the next 30 days. With what I have closed, what I have in the pipeline, and what I will do yet this year, I know that I will get to that $200,000 mark this very first year back in real estate.

   When my wife looks at me differently; When I look and feel better by adopting healthy daily habits; When I get to spend more time with my children; I know that this life I have, and the blessings I have received happened to me because I found you. $99/month was a big leap for someone with small thinking. But, I had faith that what you were offering was true. Thank you. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you. You deserve everything that you get from this wonderful business that you have created, and those of us whose lives you have touched cannot do or say enough to thank you.



(Roddy, We can’t tell you how much it means to us to hear stories like yours! We gave you the tools, but YOU were the one to implement them and decide that you weren’t going to be deterred! Remember, we’re always here for you, anytime – keep on keepin’ on! –  Tim & Julie)

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