Most of the country’s real estate market is flying high!  Prices are rising, sellers are making a killing and buyers are rushing the marketplace to find the perfect home in time.  Its a frenzy reminiscent of the real estate market of 2007, but are we headed for the same unhappy ending?  Even if we’re not, what would you do if you knew that in 6 months it would be completely different? Do you have a plan?  Ten years ago, many agents didn’t consider the alternative and were left blindsided by the fallout.  No matter what tomorrow brings, we have a guaranteed path that will take you through any change the market may throw at you!

We’re not trying to scare you…well, maybe we are.  Why?  Because psychology has proved that we are neither motivated by the carrot or the stick.  You might think you’re the exception, but when was the last time you set a goal of a super great vacation (carrot) and then didn’t meet that goal.  Or, you lost a ton of weight out of fear after the doctor told you of some horrific health consequence if you didn’t (stick)…but then weren’t really motivated after the weight loss was achieved and the fear had passed?

The fact is that we’re most motivated by the fear of losing what we already have.

So, ask yourself this question: If you knew for sure, that 6 months from now, the real estate market/economy was taking a severe nose dive, what would you do differently?

You probably think that’s a silly question, but tell that to the agents of 10 years ago.  What would that scenario even look like to you?  Would it include job losses, foreclosures, social unrest?  Get a picture in your mind and hold it there so you can actually feel the feelings that rise up in you.  Not so they can overwhelm you, but so that you can become really clear about what you’d be doing differently and when you’d be willing to do it!

Listen to the rest of todays podcast as we share the questions, tips and mindsets you can start getting clear on right now so that wherever the market takes you, you’ll be ready!

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