Key Highlights

  • Recent residential fire in Cupang, Mutinlupa affected +1,250 people and destroyed/damaged homes in Philippines
  • Tim and Julie part of relief efforts to benefit fire victims

Recent Residential Fire Whips through Philippines’ Cupang, Muntinlup

A recent fire in the Philippines razed some 50 homes in the residential area of Cupang, Muntinlupa. The city’s Social Service Department (SSD) estimated that the fire affected more than 1,250 individuals, members of some 325 families.

Cost damages are estimated at P1.4M.  The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Direct Financial Assistance to be Distributed to Fire Victims

Initially, families displaced by the fire received meals, supplies and shelter.  On top of that, the city government has gathered over P2M that will go directly to the Cupang fire victims.

Based on SSD’s assessment, nearly 200 homes were destroyed.  Owners of those homes are to receive P10,000 each for a total of P1.7M.  House sharers are to receive P5,000 each for a total of P325,000.  Renters are to receive P5,000 each.  Other fire victims are also to receive (unspecified at this time) financial assistanc

Tim & Julie Contributors to Relief Efforts

From the get-go, Tim and Julie have been and will continue to be contributors to all relief efforts on behalf of the fire victims.

Families, children and individuals affected by this fire need all the help they can get…food, clothing, household goods, supplies, etc.

All Contributions Welcome


Effects of fire, its losses and its damages, last over time.  If you and/or members of your team/brokerage firm would like to contribute to these relief efforts in the Philippines, please contact Tim and Julie directly.

For more information about the fire and relief efforts, please click the below links


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