Principle of Success 10: Accurate Thinking
Everything begins with a thought. To think accurately, one must separate fact from information and actively categorize and prioritize the facts.

*Where to start with media ‘entertainment’?  The news is no longer news, it’s opinion.  Practice a Media Free Life.

*Don’t make up stories about people or situations when you don’t have actual FACT.  

Principle of Success 11: Controlling Our Attention
Controlled attention is the principle that commands us to focus actively and exclusively on those things we desire to achieve, resulting in its imminent attainment.

*Follow One Course Until Successful = FOCUS.

*Are you a ‘sampler’, a ‘dabbler’, or do you stick to it? Developing duplicatable and predictable sources of listing leads should be your primary focus until successful.  Then lather, rinse, repeat until you are maintaining your Magic Number.

Principle of Success 12: Building Teamwork
The principle of teamwork is equivalent to harmonious cooperation based on willingness and free contribution. Inspiring teamwork assures rapid and meaningful success.

*Are you a rower or a rider?  What about your team members?

*Buyer referral agents versus buyer’s agents.

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