Is September the new January? September is definitely the “back to school” month, the “back to work” month from summer vacations, the “cleaning out your closet” month to make room for warmer, more serious clothes.

Weight Watchers and Soul Cycle tell us that Fall, and specifically September, is their most popular enrollment period. People want to look their best for the holidays ahead and therefore define and work toward their goals of losing weight and getting in shape. The research firm ComScore also tells us that time spent browsing for career development content rises +30% in September when compared to August.

Real estate has a 90-day window as well. Each quarter’s results are determined by the prior quarter’s goals. Without September goals, there are no New Year results in real estate.

This September, try re-categorizing your January New Year’s resolutions and time frame into your September’s resolutions and time frame. Once you do that, try organizing your goals into three categories…personal, career, financial. “…Trying to review them (three categories) all at once can be overwhelming,” said Valerie Rainford, head of Advancing Black Leaders and Diversity Advancement Strategies.

Pamela Lipp-Hendricks with Corp Talent and Development encouraged us to set visual, digital alerts. “When you’re constantly reminded of your goals, you’re more accountable for achieving them.”

Adrienne Kay, business manger for Chase Merchant Services, had two kernels of advice for September resolvers. One, “…what you do today should be on a path to the finish line. But, you can redirect or change your path if you need to pick up the pace or stay the course.”

Two, according to Kay, “Opt to go through obstacles rather than around them. When you go around obstacles, you may miss valuable lessons.”

All three of these women have re-categorized their January New Year’s resolution and time frames into September resolutions and time frames. “Making New Year’s resolutions in September enables me to actually celebrate New Year’s and to give myself a big pat on the back,” said Lipp-Hendricks.

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