Hi Julie,

I’ve been in the business exactly 6 months as of yesterday (2 months as a buyer’s agent). I’ve only taken one listing, and it hasn’t closed yet. It had 3 offers on it in 24 hours, and the accepted contract was $5,100 over list price. I wish I could take credit, but the house is beautiful and sells itself. I just hired the photographer. I also have a buyer deal under contract. Both homes should close at the end of this month.

It’s so crazy that I’m actually writing this email to you. I’ve been listening to you and Tim for about a month, nearly every time I’m driving in the car. Love your podcast so much – I can FEEL your enthusiasm and authenticity through iTunes. Y’all make me laugh out loud at least once during each show. I love how real you are. I actually listened to you guys last year before I got my license, but I was starting a job as a buyer’s agent (I’m sure you’re chuckling a little bit. I do, especially when I listen to you guys!).

I want to thank you and Tim for encouraging all of us to go for it and “learn while you earn.” When I first started, I also believed I had to start at the bottom. I’ve been fortunate enough to close a deal at $419K and sell a home at $330K (in Memphis, our average home price is $153K). I’m hoping to continue this trend, and you and Tim help me believe it’s totally doable.

I’ve been “stuck” for the last 4 months in the “getting ready to maybe think about getting started” phase. It’s paralyzing. After looking over the incredible resources your coaching program has, I am confident that I’ll feel so much more prepared! In fact, I already do! Even though I haven’t started calling Expireds and FSBOs yet (I’m still working another job to pay the bills), I’m actually excited (instead of terrified) about doing it.

I’m sure I’ll have many more compliments to send your way once I am able to use these tools you’ve given us. Thank you!!!!

-Ashley from Memphis

(Ashley, We’re thrilled you found the podcast and that you took our words to heart…You DON’T have to start at the bottom!  If you just keep learning and earning simultaneously, you’ll get there, we promise!  Make sure to keep us posted and we’re here for you if you ever need anything. – Julie & Tim)

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