(The Miriam Webster definition of happiness for the purposes of this post…happiness is a sense of well-being, joy or contentment…when people feel successful or safe or lucky, they feel happiness.)

WalletHub, a personal finance website, just released its 2017 Happiest States in America study. Based upon the 28 metrics WalletHub used in its study, Minnesota came out on top as America’s happiest state.

Here is a look at some of the metrics WalletHub used…

Work Environment, Emotional and Physical Well Being, Communit –Most Happy and Least Happy (out of 100)

1. Minnesota – 70.81
2. Utah – 68.16
3. Hawaii – 67.90
4. California – 66.55
5. Nebraska – 65.65
46. Arkansas – 37.33
47. Alabama – 36.60
48. Louisiana – 35.35
49. Oklahoma – 34.97
50. West Virginia – 34.89

Income Growth – Highest and Lowest
1. North Dakota
2. South Dakota
3. Wyoming
4. Oklahoma
5. Alaska
46. California
47. Georgia
48. Florida
49. Arizona
50. Nevada

Work Hours – Most and Least
1. Utah
2. Oregon
3. Rhode Island
4. Massachusetts
5. Michigan & Vermont
46. Louisiana
47. Texas
48. North Dakota & Wyoming
50. Alaska

The bottom line here is that both professional and personal contentment contribute to happiness. Kimberly A. Daubman, Associate Professor of Psychology at Bucknell University, said, “…people who can find meaning in their work are happier.” If work is “just a job,” there is no passion for the work. Daubman encourages people to find something that “speaks to them” so they can be fully present in and for their work.

Jennifer Zwagerman, Director of Career Development and Associate Director of the Agricultural Law Center at Drake University, seconds the motion concerning work. “You won’t always be happy but…if overall…you enjoy what you do…most of the time…and you have a life outside of work that you enjoy…” you’re on your way to a happy life.

According to WalletHub, people in Minnesota have or are on their way to having a happy life.

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