A program called “The Millionaire” was wildly popular during the earliest days of television. Every week, a man who worked for an anonymous wealthy person would knock on the door of a seemingly randomly selected person and hand that person a check for $1M. No strings attached.

Fans of “The Millionaire” talked for years about someone knocking on their door and handing them a check. Out of the blue.

People who are, in fact, millionaires aren’t waiting for anyone to knock or for anyone to hand them a check. Instead, here are some of common viewpoints held by millionaires…

1. A viewpoint that no one is going to simply or randomly hand over anything of value to them for no reason. “Real” millionaires know that everything requires hard work, dedication, singular focus, patience, persistence and perseverance.
2. A viewpoint that working for themselves in their own business is more financially worthwhile and personally gratifying than working for someone else or someone else’s business.
3. A viewpoint that keeping their own financial house in order no matter how much money they may accumulate while working is fundamental. Having an annual household budget, staying within that budget, knowing how much the household spends annually on food/shelter/clothing/etc., not splurging on designer’s clothing, fancy cars, etc. (Some folks who tend not to be millionaires often call millionaires “cheap” because, to them, millionaires appear to watch every outgoing penny.
4. A viewpoint that choosing a field of work based upon high demand and low supply is more important than choosing a field one “loves” or is passionate about. Work is work say these millionaires…it’s the “how” one works that makes work loved and creative.

Most often, except on television, millionaires tend to look like, act like, be like and share the same concerns as everyone else. Perhaps it’s those commonly shared viewpoints that make the difference.

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