It’s great when your clients are happy, isn’t it? You’ve done everything you can to help them in the most efficient, attentive, kind way. They get what they want. And you get what you want.

But, sometimes, your clients aren’t happy and neither are you. Somewhere along the line you may have aggravated or annoyed them with something you did or didn’t do.

Here are several things to watch out for that have been proven to annoy clients. Try and avoid them so all your clients become happy clients, repeat clients and your top referral source for new business.

1. Not Responding Promptly – Everyone wants to be responded to within a maximum of 24 hours of their contact to you. Millennials and Boomers, according to Zillow’s latest Group Report on Consumer Buying Trends, want a call back within a much shorter time frame…Millennials within a few hours, 3-4 hours tops, and Boomers want immediate responses. If you can’t answer a call right away, text the person back so they know you’ve received their call and that you’re not simply avoiding them.
2. Showing Up Unannounced – Mathew Young, an agent with Autus Properties, said. “The biggest complaint we have is short-notice showings.” Sellers have lives…try to give a day’s notice for any upcoming showing. Know there are exceptions and sellers do want to sell their houses but try and give them the same courtesy you would want yourself.
3. Having an Outdated Website – Your website is your calling card…it is, hands down, the most common way people find you. Make sure your website has high-definition photos, user-friendly features, mobile compatibility and snappy, clear writing. Make sure all your up-to-date contact information is clearly visible, your listings current, your sales history inclusive, your specialties defined and your availability in the office and by phone is current.
4. Being Late – Absolutely no excuses here…make sure you call and/or text right away to let your client know you’ll be late. Remember, everyone has a life, responsibilities, and a schedule.
5. Missing New Leads – You are your clients’ eyes and ears so it’s your job to make sure your have the most up-to-date and reliable information available to you at all times. Be able to use and take advantage of new and revised listings information on the spot and on the go. Get technology on your side.
6. Not Listening – Is anything more annoying than not being heard? Pay attention to what your clients are telling you about their needs and wants, in terms of bedrooms/bathrooms/stairs/no stairs/etc., their budget, their neighborhood preferences, their proximity to work and amenities. Give your clients what they want and what they ask for.
7. Being a Salesperson – Clients don’t need to be pushed. They will decide what they want when they are ready to decide. And clients don’t need/want unsolicited advice. Only offer your advice/o[inions when your client asks for them.

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