Frustrated by not meeting your goals? Demoralized? Perhaps changing your approach to goal setting could heighten your likelihood of success.

Use positives rather than negatives when defining your goals. Believe in what you can do, not in what you think you can’t. For example,

1. Believe in yourself and the goals you set for yourself. Bradley Foster, founder of Giant Steps Coaching, stresses the importance of having absolute faith and belief in your process. “If you’re in doubt (about your ability to transform you life and get what you want), look around you. Everything you can see began as a thought. Make your thoughts turn into a reality.”
2. Your individual work goals and your broker’s goals are related. Brokers and managers can help agents “understand the bigger picture…and how your individual efforts feed into the broader company strategy.”3. Set SMART goals that transform themselves into better strategies…better ways of doing things that are specific, challenging and foster learning.
4. Ask for feedback. Without feedback, it’s very difficult to adjust your level and/or direction of effort or to adjust your performance strategies to match what your goals require. Asking for feedback also engenders accountability.
5. Visualize and embrace your success. Instead of fearing being singled out or fearing additional responsibilities you may think come with success or being afraid to destabilize collegial relationships, visualize what success looks like to you. Not what you think it may look like to other people. Think about creating your own personal “success library” filled with quotes/sayings/passages that are both meaningful and inspirational to you.
6. Prioritize your own success. Make your own success as important as your loved one’s and friends’ successes. Successful achievement takes work, time, and focus. Give your efforts and your goals that necessary work, time, and focus.

Know that every additional effort you make, every project you finish, every new contact you make, every lunch you skip or eat on the run brings you closer to successfully achieving your goals.

Know that raw talent, no matter how it looks from the outside, requires effort.

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