Brian from VA, a premier coaching client, sent along an email to Tim in appreciation of “…everything you guys do on your daily podcasts and Julie’s daily coaching calls.”

This past year, Brian transferred his real estate team from a franchise into a brand new, independent company. “Everything you’ve ever said about teams and profitability has had such an impact…I just wanted to share.”

One key Harris coaching element for Brian has had to do with “…building profit in as a necessary invoice that has to be paid every month…as if it was a bill like the rent…has allowed me to save so much…I never would have thought possible and certainly would not have done…” as an automatic reflex.

Brian goes on. “I’ve found that by dedicating a portion of every closing into a quote unquote profits pile I was able to amass a great amount of money and build on a profit margin regardless of overhead.” This profit pile or set-aside savings fund covers “…unexpected expenses, small dry spells and every other hiccup that has come along…and then (that money used for necessary, unexpected expenses) is recouped once new sales come in.”

Brian is filled with thanks and gratitude for Harris Coaching. He says, “…I love being part of this group.”

Brian gives his okay to “…share this (email)…just hold back my last name and city of the brokerage. (Yes, I keep you guys a secret from other realtors not in my company.)’

Our thanks and gratitude to you, Brian, for this email and for your being a part of the Harris Coaching family as a premier member. Please know how gratifying it is for us to learn that what we’re doing has had such a positive impact on you and your business.

Congratulations on making such a successful transition with your team from a franchise into a brand new, independent real estate brokerage in such a short amount of time.

Our very best thoughts go out to you, your team, and your independent company, Brian. We wish you continued, unlimited success! Tim and Julie

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