Agents, the sales data is clear…a fully staged home, not one that has been partially staged, reduces the time is house is on the market. Potential buyers want to see up-front that the house they’re considering is one that telegraphs to themselves and to others that they are “moving up.”

Therefore, agents, it is up to you to develop you own eye so you can determine what’s needed in the home to show it in its best light. And it’s up to you to facilitate interactions with your sellers and stagers.

Start at the beginning with your seller…communicate that a house on the market must be and look fully functional and beautiful. No clutter, unexpected details and points of interest, welcoming and personal.
The outside of the house is just as important as the inside, according to the National Association of Home Builders latest survey. Beyond the obvious that the outside has to be clutter-free and well kept, Its data shows that 41% of potential buyers want exterior lighting. They drive by the house(s) they’re considering at night to know that the home appears “safe” and that it looks good in the dark.


One update that’s new to staging tips refers to sinks…both kitchen (outdoor and indoor) and bathroom sinks. Design experts are suggesting unusual shapes and materials for sinks as a way to “surprise” and entice potential buyers. Examples are
-concrete sinks
-copper sinks
– bucket sinks
-trough sinks (good with farmhouse style houses)
– patterned ceramic sinks
– rectangular sinks

Houzz says that homebuyers will be drawn to the pizazz of color (blues, teals, tobacco) on one wall of a large all white room to make that room feel cozier. Conversely, painting a wall in a small, all white room with an unexpected color will make that room appear larger. Houzz also suggests lamps, pillows and table décor to add color and interest. Remember that more is less in terms of adding unexpected color.

Just as home décor trends follow fashion trends, data shows that mixed metals and eclectic details in hinges, cabinet knobs and lighting accessories work just as well as mixed gold and silver earrings and bracelets.

And as mixed metals work, mixed natural materials also work. Look for bamboo, cork, ceramic, concrete, and reclaimed wood flooring. Look for natural stone countertops as an option to granite. Look for natural lighting fixtures and rattan furniture. Again, unexpected surprises intrigue potential buyers.

Since the housing market is expected to be more competitive for sellers this year than it was last, agents need to be proactive with their listing clients in helping them understand the imperative that their house looks and functions as an Instagramable, “like new” house.

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