The US Census Bureau tells us that approximately 14% or 40M Americans move every year. Why? Company transfers, new jobs, retirement, proximity to family.

So where is everyone going? North American Moving Services, U-Haul and United Van Lines all have their answers.

North American Moving Services tells us that Arizona, always popular at #2 for the last 3 years, was the top inbound state in the country in 2017.

Here are listings for NAMS five top inbound and outbound states:

Top In-Bound States Top Out-Bound States
Arizona 67% Illinois 68%
Idaho 63% Connecticut 62%
North Carolina 62% New Jersey 62%
South Carolina 62% California 60%
Tennessee 58% Michigan 59%

Over the past 5 years, states with the highest move totals (Florida, California, Texas) haven’t changed but this is the first year California has made it into the top 5 outbound states and Tennessee has made it into the top 5 inbound states. Connecticut and New Jersey have consistently placed at 62% among the highest outbound states.

Among northeastern states, Maine and Rhode Island go back and forth between inbound and outbound states over the years. And among southern states, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Texas remain constant in the top 10 inbound states since 1977.

The Midwestern states of Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin have remained fairly constant as outbound states. And the Western states of Idaho (currently the nation’s fastest growing state), Arizona and Colorado are consistently in the top 10 inbound states. Interestingly enough, though Seattle is booming, Washington State now has more outbound moves that inbound moves.

U-Haul bases its top inbound states based upon the net gain of one-way U-Haul truck rentals entering a state. Its top inbound states are

South Carolina
North Carolina

United Van Lines, citing no specific states or numbers, indicates that 52% of the moves to southern states were inbound moves.

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