Tired of so-called “success gurus” teaching you the mystical secrets to business success? Ever wonder why they all say the same thing – and why nothing that they’re saying ever seems to work?

Let’s call motivational speaking what it is – a quick-fix band-aid that peps you up for 10 minutes and then leaves you craving more. How come? Because it hasn’t changed any of the fundamentals in your business or life-situation, which means you’re addicted to a feeling without any substance behind it!

In today’s show, we’re going to explaining to you what real motivation is, why it matters, and how trying to fake it with quick-fix motivational speakers only leads to stress & anxiety.

Just a hint: real motivation starts with action, and the “feel good” part of it comes later when you’re actually seeing results. That’s why focusing on goals & taking action to implement them must take priority over having feeling motivated. Also, don’t forget to pick up of Harris Rules, available at Amazon.

Tune in to today’s show when we talk about what it truly means to get motivated, stay motivated, and achieve tremendous results – all without listening to yet another “motivational speaker” talk about “getting in the zone”.

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