For any real estate broker, there are a few keys to success. However, there is one attribute that is a must: Leadership qualities.

As a broker, you have to keep your agents motivated and productive. To do this, you have to had the leadership skills to be the leader agents want to follow and emulate.
For many brokers, it is easy to slip into the rut of simply managing your staff, then scratch your head when the agents are frustrated or uninspired.

In today’s hyper-competitive real estate industry, many brokers have become leaders and they build trust with their agents and inspire them to become better professionals. Here are three ways to improve your leadership skills and cultivate a successful brokerage.

There are three key points.

First, know your vision. As a true leader, you must have a vision for your brokerage and a plan to make it become a reality. Having the right people will help make that happen. You must keep them focused on this goal.

Second, cultivate integrity. Beyond having strong moral convictions, you have to live by your convictions and do what’s expected of you. If you want to cultivate integrity in your office, it’s important to model the traits you’d like to see in your agents.

Encourage integrity in your office by keeping your agents accountable to what they say they’ll do.

Finally, build trust. As your agents build their business, they need to work relationally. This allows them to tap into their existing relationships to generate leads and referrals. At the core of these relationships is trust. We like to work with people we know and trust, who we know have our best interests at heart.

Nurture this sense of trust by building it with your agents. Just as you encourage them to connect with their clients, offer great service and go the extra mile, do all of these things for your agents. Make time to connect with them regularly to check in, inquire about their lives and goals and offer encouragement.

The leadership skills you hone as a broker will help you motivate your agents. These skills must be sharpened and you can do that through books and training courses.

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