Here’s a straight-ahead way to improve your real estate productivity…shoot for getting a listing a day. Such a direct, forthright goal will definitely hone your niche and improve your productivity and branding.

These six elements will help you nail down a listing a day.

  1.  Concentrate on your niche marketing. Since no one can be the master of all, become the master of one specific group, one specific audience to whom you’d like to market. Hone your brand and your marketing efforts towards that audience, be that audience first time buyers or empty nesters or Gen Xers.   Fine-tune your marketing so that anyone within your chosen audience can easily and quickly find out exactly who you are and what you do.
  2. Since your sphere of influence is the foundation of your business, prospect your sphere. Always value and pay close attention to you database. Connect with people among your sphere as often as possible…coffee, lunch, birthday cards, notes, etc.
  3. Create a culture of productivity. Set up a competition with your colleagues to see who can get the most listings in a week. Competitions are fun and no one likes to lose. Getting listings is your top priority…everything else follows that priority.
  4. Time block. Since productivity translates into using your time efficiently, block out specific amounts of time for your priorities each and every day. Block time to call leads. Block time to manage your appointments. Block time to knock on doors. You get the idea.
  5. Generate leads. Since leads can come from anyone and anywhere, capitalize on any and every possible lead. As importantly, be ready to jump on unexpected leads that somehow just show up out of thin air. Know and focus on your niche market so you’re not spreading yourself too thin. Know when new homes are being constructed. Know when a new house goes on the market. Call expired listings. Even if you have to make 300 calls and only 100 of those calls pick up, you’ll likely generate three new leads.
  6. Foster your online presence. Review and edit your online presence to ensure that you’re presenting yourself to the world exactly as you want to be in the world. Always think about growing your network and contact lists.

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