If it were possible to test for the Real Estate gene within Ben Salem’s DNA, we’d likely find it. “Even as a little kid, I went right to it,” Salem said. “I’d wander around construction projects on my own from about 5 years old, wanting to know what was going on, wanting to know why they were doing this or that, always imaging the outcome. I’ve never looked back.”

This top 1% Los Angeles agent has already accomplished the gamut within the real estate industry. Crane operator at 16, agent, broker, house flipper, subdivisions and multi-family projects developer, tech creator to enhance transactional transparency, speaker, industry expert, you name it. No, Ben Salem never looks back…his vision is forward…always.

Today, Salem’s singular real estate vision is his unique and continuously improving Private Client Services Program (PCSP) that helps ultra high net worth (UHNW) clients achieve their real estate goals. “My typical client is a celebrity…” in entertainment, international business, in royal circles and “…my client demands a seamless, private, safe experience. I’ve honed my PCSP (to the point) where all facets of my client’s real estate transactions are handled with a level of precision not normally experienced when buying or selling a home.”

Salem’s process is as singular as his vision. He alone works with his clients. “I don’t trust anyone else with my client’s privacy.”  With 80% of Salem’s clients having multi-million dollar nondisclosure agreements, even his one assistant or his photographer may not know who his clients are.

Salem alone previews properties to ensure privacy (no hidden cameras, no hidden recording devices, no leaks to social media or TMZ or YouTube) and property appropriateness. He alone escorts the client through the property without any other agent. “I ask the other agent to just leave a key at the back door.” And he alone represents the client in any and all contract negotiations.

Salem’s favorite part? “Negotiations. They are the most fun. I play chess in my head. I’m an adrenaline junkie and I get the same rush while I’m negotiating a deal as I get when I’m snowboarding or rock climbing or mountain biking.”

And, by the way, if Salem doesn’t do those really hard workouts that get his adrenalin pumping, his brain doesn’t kick in “ to do the harder tasks that I don’t want to do first thing in the morning to get them out of the way.” Sound familiar? Yes, Salem has been a Tim Harris personal coaching client for some 10 years.

Salem embraces the reality of Los Angeles real estate. “If I’m not able to sell or buy a property in 30 days, I’m done. That client will go to someone else. Here, there is a minimum of 6 – 20 offers for a house. Here, it’s all about competition and having good negotiating skills and being a winner. Here, if you’re not a winner, you’re done.”

Ben Salem is far from done. He loves his job. He says, “it’s the best work…it doesn’t even feel like a job because I get to work with amazing, smart, successful people.”

No. Ben Salem isn’t going anywhere…unless it’s to snowboard for a month during the winter and until he plays his end game years from now with his family in Park City, Utah.






















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