As an agent or broker, you may lose sleep over the thought of managing your own business finances, but Realtyzam is making it simpler than ever.

With its intuitive and simple software, it is easy to be your own bookkeeper. No accounting experience is required. Created specifically for real estate agents, Realtyzam offers features targeted to perfectly suit your needs to help you be as successful as possible without having any accounting experience required.

The software features automatic expense management. You can link your bank account and credit cards to Realtyzam where each transaction will be automatically downloaded every night and categorized based on the way you want them categorized. The only thing for you to do is login every now and then to save the transactions that are business expenses and remove the rest.

You can have more control over your expenses with an option to manually upload or key in your income and expenses as they happen.

The software also can help simplify your taxes. It can make it easier than ever for you and your tax professional by generating a printable report detailing everything your tax person will need, exactly how they need it to file your taxes. Simply print out the report and hand it to your tax person; it’s as easy as that.

You also can become more organized. Realtyzam can digitally store receipts from any expense or transaction using a computer, tablet, or cell phone by photographing it in Realtyzam’s free mobile app.

You also can keep tabs on profits and expenses on every deal you do. The software organizes expenses, fees and profits on each listing for you. It also can generate a report showing average commission, expenses, buyer/seller conversion rates, as well as the ability to find which lead sources generate the most sales.

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