2018 is just a few days away so tie up your professional loose ends before the ball drops and the New Year begins.

Here are five things that will truss 2017 and kick off 2018 to your advantage.

1. Make a “2017 Did It” list. Write down all the things you accomplished as well as all the names of all the people who helped you accomplish those things. It isn’t enough for you to “know in your head” what you accomplished and the people who helped you…this 2017 Did It list is your visual proof of your achievements and your connections. Hang your Did It list in a place where you can easily see it so you can give yourself a big pat on the back every day.
2. Get in touch with all the connections on your 2017 Did It list to thank them (again) for their help. Get in touch with all your network/sphere of influence people with cheery new year’s wishes, updates about you, updates about them, and ways you can help them in the coming year.
3. Ask for feedback from your broker, your colleagues, your partners, your coach, etc. before Q1 about how you’re doing. Ask for help in clarifying your strengths and weaknesses. Share your goals and ask their advice and tips about what it takes to reach those goals.
4. Talk with your coach about things you love and don’t about your work. Ask questions such as…
– how can I improve my professional satisfaction?
– how can I better delegate task I don’t have the time or
skills to do?
– what skills do you think I ought to improve?
– any suggestions about how I can improve my skills?
– how can I improve my work/life balance?
– how can I develop stronger boundaries so I don’t
feel like I’m working all the time and ignoring my
5. Last, make a list of your 2018 SMART (S-specific; M- measurable; A- achievable; R – realistic; T-timely/time bound) goals. With those 2018 SMART goals, write down the names of people who may help you achieve those goals. Connect with all of them in January.

Here’s to a great 2018!

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