Winning starts in your head, and in today’s show we’re going to be looking at the repetitive thoughts that creep into your mind and undermine you throughout the day.

Take a moment and give this a little thought: are you building yourself up? Telling yourself you “can”? Or instead are you quietly cutting yourself down mentally in a way that prevents you from reaching your true potential?

Rather than focusing on negative pessimism, we’re going to look at how you can use positive, reinforcing thoughts to keep you at peak performance!

  1. I am too busy. (Are you BUSY or are you PRODUCTIVE? Know the difference)
  2. I am overwhelmed (overwhelmed just means you’re surrounded by opportunity!)
  3. I don’t have time
  4. no one answered.
  5. everyone is calling
  6. that won’t work (for me) (for my market)
  7. I can’t do it
  8. That’s impossible
  9. thats not fair
  10. I’m not a sales person (born sales person / natural sales person)
  11. my personality style is wrong, I’m a ‘D / I / S / C’…
  12. its not my fault
  13. I am too old/ too young/ too fat/ thin / too tired / too bored
  14. I am the wrong sex / race / ethnicity
  15. It’s not about the money
  16. I don’t have the proper degree / designation
  17. I don’t want to be pushy / aggressive
  18. I can do that tomorrow / next week / next month / next year
  19. I don’t have the energy
  20. It’s a waste of time

Our favorite? “I’ll try it”: Take a page from Yoda’s book of wisdom: Do, or do not. There is no try.

People tend to use the word try when they want to leave themselves an out, because they consciously or subconsciously don’t believe they can or will accomplish the task.

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