Time for reflection… 25% of the year is over already.

1. What did you do the BEST? What did you to much better at? Why?
2. What did you totally drop the ball on?  Why?
Common answers from coaching clients:
-Much improved Lead follow up and Seller communication.
-Better at finding inventory in unusual places.
-Getting help from coach when needed!
-Following a schedule
-Pricing.  Price Reductions are a hot topic right now in Premier.
-Not using what you’re paying for like Mojo and Bomb Bomb.  Need to get better.
Next Quarter GOALS based on your answers…
Income needed?  $__pay the bills__         $__Meet or exceed goals___
Remember the lifestyle of your dreams is usually 3x what it takes for you to just get by.
Number of Listings to take?
Number of Buyers to sell?
Number of closings necessary based on your avg net commission?
Number of NEW LEADS you need to meet or exceed that goal?
What will you save?
What will you pay off?
What will you invest in?
Paint the picture now so you can implement the daily steps to achieve your vision!