We as real estate agents often talk about things such as location, lot size, square footage, amenities, etc. as being key influencers of home values but are there other hidden, not discussed elements that influence home values?

Let’s look at five of those hidden factors that influence home value.

  1. The View Angle from the Backyard
    1. This is the view angle from the backyard that opens up to scenery or nature.
    2. The larger the view angle opening up to scenery/nature, the higher the home values.
    3. Hands down, backyard view angle is most important to buyers…95.53% of buyers want scenic/nature views from the backyard.
  2. Frontage Length
    1. This is the length of the street or curb-facing side of the home.
    2. The more street or curb-facing length, the higher the home values, particularly when the amount of curb-facing is more than other homes in the area.
    3. This is particularly important in the Southern region of the country.
  3. Backyard Exposure to Neighbors
    1. Most people want a view from their backyard BUT they do not want to view someone else’s home from their backyard.
    2. This is a negative influence factor on home values…the more backyard exposure there is to neighbors, the lower the home value.
    3. This is particularly important in the NE.
  4. Privacy
    1. Backyard exposure to neighbors’ homes, backyard slopes, distance to neighbors, home density, etc. are all privacy issues.
    2. The more privacy, the higher the home values.
  5. Backyard Slope
    1. Most people want their backyards to slop downward, not up.
    2. There is a negative relationship between the backyard slope and the home value. The more upward the slope, the lower the home value.
    3. Most people would prefer a flat yard to an upward backyard slope.


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