You as a real estate agent know it’s a tough, competitive world out there. (I’m defining “there” both by its physical space and its online space.) Sometimes it must feel as though there are more of you out there than there are potential buyers and sellers.

Here are 5 tips to help you maximize your online exposure so you can maximize both your online and physical presence out “there.”

  1. Use keyword placement to your advantage.
    1. Keywords are about more than the keywords themselves…they are about when and where you place/use them. Use keywords on your
      1. Title page
      2. Page URL
      3. Throughout all your content page
      4. Image title
      5. Create content that is relevant to your keyword
      6. Google will recognize and tabulate every time you use a keyword to help boost your ranking on its pages.
  1. Social Media
    1. Facebook is good for viewers to learn about you, your expertise, your industry insights
    2. Twitter increases your online presence
    3. Instagram is good for photos and videos to showcase your listings, neighborhoods
    4. LinkedIn is good for your making connections with industry influencers
  2. Linkages – one of the most important elements of SEO
    1. You need other sites linking back to your website
    2. Best way for you to generate links to your site is by creating content that people want to share
    3. Your blog should be informative, engaging, and providing value on a regular, consistent basis
    4. Pitch your articles to other sites and offer to post you content as a guest
  3. Mobile formatting
    1. Increasingly, people read and search for content and listings on their phones
    2. Be certain your website is “clean and clear” on mobile vehicles
  4. Videos
    1. Pictures speak 1,000 words; videos speak much, much more
    2. People love videos
    3. Show off your listings, walk -throughs, landscaping, neighborhoods on video
    4. Create a market analysis on video that showcases you expertise about the local market
    5. Video is a great way to establish your professionalism as “the” go-to authority in you market

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