Since +90% of all potential homebuyers and sellers find what they think they’re looking for online, it’s crucial for you as real estate agents to pay attention to your social media presence.

Here are some Don’ts and Fixes for Facebook, Linked In and Instagram:


  1. Not having reciprocal links from your business and personal pages. Drill it into your head that no one can find the name of your business without your telling him or her the name of your business.
    1. Go to the “About” section of your personal FB page where it says “Work.”
      1. Add the name of your FB business page.
      2. Now people can find the name of your business.
    2. Not including a list of your real estate services on your business page
      1. List your specialties such as buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, distressed properties, short sales, seniors, etc.
    3. Not including a description for your profile and cover photos on your business page.
    4. Go to the profile photo on your business page and click “add description.” Add your geographic market area, specialties, transactions you want to be known for such as luxury properties, commercial, residential, short sales, etc.
  1. Not including an article description when you share links
    1. Add a key point or two that is relevant to your clients and spheres of influence
    2. Emphasize points that are consistent with and highlight your services
  2. Don’t merely post “coming soon” or listings
    1. Mere listings are not engaging.
    2. Provide insights that give your reader things to consider that are relevant to them as a way to motivate them to take action and contact you.

Linked In

Don’t ignore it …LI is a great resource to keep in touch with your sphere of influence. Go through your client list and connect with each person individually on LI. Also include people you’d like to become a part of your sphere.

Link the posts you’ve copied and pasted to FB on LI as well.

Think of what you’d like to be known for, write a 4-paragraph article that educates buyers and/or sellers on that particular specialty and publish it on LI. Since Google recognizes LI as a major brand, you’ll be leveraging this article with LI for a Google search.

Use your LI profile as marketing material, not as a resume. Your want your profile to set you apart from other competitors. Include your specialties in your profile so viewers can instantly see how your specialties can help them.. Also include your tagline and contact information including your phone number in the profile headline.


  1. Avoid not being consistent in your posting. Set a reasonable posting schedule for yourself and stick to it.
  2. Avoid using only real estate hashtags. If the property is close to a dog park, try #dogpark. If the property is close to hiking trails, try #hikingtrails. Close to restaurants, try #greatfood.


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