ArriveHome is an Uber-like agent-matching app that connects homebuyers with nearby agents on demand. Launched just a year ago in Colorado in conjunction with CO/REColorado, the state’s largest MLS, homebuyers can simply reach out to individual agents who happen to be “in the neighborhood” where they are looking to get answers about specific properties that interest them and/or arrange a showing as they wander around that neighborhood looking at houses.

Todd Narlinger, the co-founder of ArriveHome, said, “We are really the ‘on demand/Amazon effect’ of real estate. We give the consumer faster, easier access to properties they may want to buy.”

Just this month, ArriveHome arrived in Arizona and California after being in Colorado during its first year of life. ArriveHome is free to house hunters everywhere it’s operational and will continue to be free to house hunters in all states as it expands throughout the country.

Agents pay a monthly fee to join and gain access to potential clients through ArriveHome. Currently, agents pay %39.99/month in California, $29.99/month in Arizona and $19.99/month in Colorado.

House hunters have the option of selecting an “exclusive agent” to help them with their entire home search or they can experiment by connecting with different agents as they wander from location to location on any given day. A “ghost mode” protects the client’s location on the map as he/she makes his/her way to see all nearby properties. Additionally, ArriveHome just added third party vendors such as Forewarn and Truststamp to better protect the client’s personal and financial information.

(Personally, as the agent, I would want some type of protection for me via the ArriveHome app. Sure, there are safety apps specific to real estate agents already on the market such as Agents Armor, Guardly, Stiletto, etc., but it might be worth your while to suggest to co-founder Narlinger that your monthly connection fee include integrated safety protection for you. Who knows who’s wandering around out there.)

ArriveHome plans to roll out a full searching website along with additional launches to more states in the next 60-90 days.




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