Have your clients decided to add space in their current home rather than moving to a new one?   Help her out by suggesting these square footage additions. They’ll remember your help if and when they do decide to sell.

  1. Enclose the patio. Putting up walls, extending the foundation etc. can be a lot of work but it also can deliver a lot of potential square footage. Three caveats…this newly enclosed patio needs to be accessible from the house, needs to have heating and it needs to “feel” and look to be a part of the house.
  2. Finish areas such as basements, laundry rooms and garages. If you finish a garage in order to add square footage, it can no longer be used as a garage.
  3. Do a “bump out.” Expand a small bathroom by bumping out the wall to extend the space. One of the nice things about “bump outs” is that they don’t mess up adjacent rooms.
  4. Add a second story. This can be expensive but if you have it built off site and add to the top of the house, you’ll save money and time. One caveat…make sure the foundation can handle the extra weight of a second story.
  5. Enclose the porch. Like an enclosed patio, an enclosed or screened porch needs to have heating, be accessible from the house and it needs to “feel” and look to be a part of the house in order to add square footage to the house.
  6. Do a minor kitchen remodel. Kitchen remodels rank close to the top of the list in terms of return on investment. Think about adding a pantry to free up other space in the kitchen and/or think about doing a “bump out” to create an eating area.
  7. Build over the garage. Adding a room/office over the garage obviously adds square footage to the house. Two caveats here…first check with local building and zoning codes to ensure that it’s permissible and make sure there’s a vapor barrier to block car/gasoline exhausts.
  8. Add a dormer or two in a cramped and/or underused attic area. A dormer could be a playroom, an office/studio, a bedroom. It could be a great source of natural light, fresh air and great views. It could also enhance the overall curb appeal of the house as well as provide additional square footage.
  9. Finish out the attic. Two caveats here…the attic must be connected through the stairway of the house and at least one half of the finished floor must have a ceiling height over 7’.
  10. Enclose the deck. Just like the patio, basement, laundry room and garage options we’ve already mentioned, an enclosed deck must be heated, accessible from the house and look/feel like the house to add square footage to the house.

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