What does your prospecting environment look like now?  Do you have goat paths through mounds of files, outdated calendars or other shrapnel all over your office, or do you have an environment conductive to your product?

Harris Rule #4: Profit is your Product.

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Remember: Proper Previous Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance.  Your environment matters. Does it LOOK like a place that’s dollar productive?

What goes in your Powerful Prospecting Environment?

1-Goals are clearly posted on the wall / dream board. Goals should be in 5 areas of life as defined by your Treasure Map.

2-White boards are being used as we prescribe, tracking every aspect of your business.

3-Phone set up ; cordless phone, cordless headset.

4-Scripts on the wall, or in a portable notebook.

-Goals in 5 areas of life / dream board

6-Listing inventory white board goal with blank spots for your future listings to be filled in!

7-Mojo dialer ready

8-Past client database ready
 and organized, on one system.

9-MLS available if necessary to look up info

10-Motivational quotes, music you like, hand weights, stair stepper, whatever it takes to keep your energy and enthusiasm high!
 Have a powerful affirmation posted.

11- Use a Stand-up desk and remove all chairs from your environment. This increases your heartbeat, your energy and enthusiasm!

Secret:   Goal is SETTING appointments, not MAKING contacts.  Try the 15-minute POWER PROSPECT concept! (Bite sized power prospecting, with only intent of setting appointment).

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