Divorce is a fact of life in the US. According to the American Psychological Association,

– 1 divorce occurs every 36 seconds

– 100 divorces occur every hour

– 2,400 divorces occur every day

– 16,800 divorces occur every week and

– 876,000 divorces occur every year.

And, according to the McKinley Irvin Family Law Practice with 6 offices in the States and 1 in Canada, the rate of divorce increases from 41% in first marriages, to 60% in second marriages to 73% in third marriages.

With statistics like those, it makes sense that most every agent would, at some point in her/his business, provide customized real estate services for divorcing people.

Laura Sparks, a real estate agent and team leader with Keller Williams, a nationally recognized expert in divorce-related real estate and author of the best selling The House Matters in Divorce, launched the Divorce Real Estate Institute (DREI) in January 2018.  The DREI helps educate real estate agents about the financial, legal and emotional intricacies that come with the sale of a home during divorce.

The DREI provides both online and brick and mortar courses taught by a faculty of divorce-related real estate specialists, family law attorneys, lenders, mediators and family court judges. Sparks’ goal for the Institute is “…to transform the collaboration among real estate and family law professionals so that each individual in a divorcing couple gets the best possible outcome…” when real estate is sold.

The DREI has lots of videos, courses, weekly learning labs and Masters Courses for agents who may want to specialize in divorce related property sales.

As referenced by the statistics from the American Psychological Association at the top of this post, there is clearly a niche market of divorcing people within the general population of potential homebuyers who may need and/or prefer to work with a real estate agent who has certified expertise in divorce-related property sales.

If interested, find out more information by clicking https://www.dreinstitute.com






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