It used to be that you were born and raised in one place and then worked and lived your entire life in that one, same place.

Not any more. We’re becoming a nation of nomads…young, mostly well educated nomads who move around from city to city as our life situations, job opportunities and goals change.

Glassdoor, a website where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management, recently published a study on where and why movers are moving.

Here are the top 5 Cities Attracting the Most Out – Of–Town Workers

  1. San Francisco comes in first, hands down. Its stunning natural beauty, unbeatable food scene, pick-of-the-litter job market, inside and outside “leisure” activities, etc. are all stand alone reasons to come to the City By the Bay. 12.4% of all job applicants came from outside the City’s limits from neighboring San Jose and Sacramento and from New York City, and Chicago.
  2. New York City is THE one-of-a-kind city in the world. Most any kind of job in any kind of industry is available. Museums, world-class music and entertainment, sports, fashion, food, etc. are all within walking distance…if you can afford it. 8.4% of all job applicants came from Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago.
  3. San Jose lives in the heart of Silicon Valley and is often called the tech center of the country. The city’s cultural and athletic institutions have grown with the wealth brought by EBay, Cisco and Adobe. 6.9% of its job applicants came from San Francisco, New York City, San Diego, and Dallas Ft. Worth.
  4. Los Angeles is world renowned for its weather, beaches, entertainment and celebrity center as well as its tech, financial and manufacturing centers. Surprise, LA is the least expensive of its state counterparts. 6.8% of all job applicants came from other cities in California (Riverside, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose) and from New York City.
  5. Washington DC is known for its historical landmarks, world-class museums and government in capital letters. Throw in a plethora of jobs, cherry blossoms and great food; you have 4.3% of its job applicants coming from Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago.

Glassddoor’s chief economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain said, “…employers who understand where talent is heading and what influences that talent to consider location options have recruiting advantages.”

Real estate agents who understand where talent is heading and why have advantages as well.

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