Differentiate yourself among the real estate agents within your market area. Become a HARRIS Certified Coach® Affiliate

AS a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®, you will refresh your training and skills as a real estate agent. You’ll have direct access to the latest real estate thinking, tactics, and technology. You’ll polish your presentation and networking skills. You’ll expand and enhance your collegial relationships within and much beyond your current spheres of influence.

Becoming a HARRIS Certified Coach® Affiliate is a complementary extension of your current real estate business. Simply adapt the tools you learn as a certified coach affiliate to your “regular” business as an agent…your listings presentations will flow like water…your contacts and relationships with other professionals will grow exponentially, and your revenue streams will increase.

And likely, you’ll have fun doing something new and different within your ongoing business.

Find out the specifics here for the HARRIS Certified Coach® Affiliate program with Tim and Julie Harris.

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