TheHARRIS Certified Coach® Affiliate program is a new proprietary, copyrighted program that came out of the heads and years of experience of Tim and Julie Harris.

In many ways, this industry first affiliate program is an extension of Tim and Julie’s commitment to help others become the best they can be. Chances are that you as a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate® will become even better than you already are as a real estate professional and as a human being.

This firstHARRIS Certified Coach® Affiliate “class” has room for just 50 people. Of course, there will be other classes down the road but other classes won’t be the first class and you won’t be among the first affiliates.

This is the 15th and last for a while post about theHARRIS Certified Coach® Affiliate. Read and learn more about this program and apply now to become a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®. Chances are your skills sets, mind, heart and bottom line will swell by taking action here.

Find out the specifics here for the HARRIS Certified Coach® Affiliate program with Tim and Julie Harris.

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