The tech battle for “voice-share” among real estate agents is becoming more and more fierce as voice activated internet (VAI) access to home searches, agents and consumers continues to explode.

Here are a few of VAI apps for you to explore.

Agent NEO connects consumers with agents’ preferred home service professionals via the Amazon Echo. Agents registered with Agent NEO, now some 3,500 agents around the country, can send their personalized, preferred list of home service vendors to their database when their contacts install Agent NEO on their Echoes.   All an agent’s contact has to do is Ask Alexa for a few names of plumbers

Agent NEO has some new features to help attract agents to its services. NEO now invests money in Google Adwords campaigns on behalf of agents. That investment helps the agent’s profile (extensive bio, headshot, map of office locations, link to download app) surface in standard web searches and non-Agent NEO voice look-ups.

NEO’s pricing plan

$9.99/month – access to leads for 1 location & branded

Alexa app

$14.99/month – access to leads for up to 5 locations,

branded Alexa app and presence on local search


Voiceter Pro is a voice powered listing search app that also asks the consumer whether or not they’d like to be connected with a real estate agent. It also recently launched a home valuation feature that enables sellers to get a ballpark value on their home. Its most recent new feature is a Concierge Service, much alike NEO”s agent preferred list of home services professionals. The company has a number of partners with Midwest brokerages and is supposedly in talks with an undisclosed MLS to provide the service as a member benefit.

Voiceter’s pricing is a bit of a mystery to me. All sites and articles about this app suggest the agent to call a customer service number for pricing but…I couldn’t get through and I am a persistent person. The only listed price anywhere was $399/month for the first year for the Concierge Service. That price seems a bit out of line to me but then again, this product’s pricing is a mystery to me.

Keller Williams’s Kelle is a VAI tool for smartphones currently restricted to KW agents only. We wrote about Kelle some weeks ago within a post indicating KW’s intention to be a technology company” now. It would be no surprise here if/when KW announces a verbal real estate search app for its agents.

Apple’s Homepod is not yet out but I haven’t a doubt that Siri will become as active within the real estate industry as Alexa is now becoming.


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