Here are 10 of the latest and best smart home devices of 2018…so far. No doubt Q3 and Q4 will deliver additional magic solutions for our daily living needs, wants and dreams.

  1. Kobi – is a multi-talented, all-seasons, and fully autonomous yard bot. Snow in the driveway? No problem, Kobi blows it away as soon as the first flake falls and continues to fall at regular intervals. Leaves on the ground? No problem, Kobi blows them away. Grass too long? No problem, Kobi mows and mulches it. Currently sold out, get yourself on a waiting list for the next available Kobi. $3,999.
  2. Foldimate – folds your freshly laundered clothes on demand. Feed your clothes (sizes from age 5 to XXL shirts, pants, blouses) into top of machine just like you used to feed your fax machine. Voila! Your clothes come out nicely folded without your having to spend your Sunday doing it. Available the end of 2019, $980.
  3. Sobro – is a fully wired glass-top coffee table that includes 2 USB charging ports, 2 power outlets, LED lighting, Bluetooth speaker, touchscreen control panel AND a refrigerated door that can hold 32 cans of beer or anything else you’d like to be refreshingly cold within arm’s distance.   Sobro is also a Wi-Fi enabled side table with all the above features plus a wireless charging motion sensor and app-controlled locking storage drawer. Coffee table retails for $1,499 and side table retails for $899. Available November 2018.
  4. Sensate Touch less Kitchen Faucet with KOHLER Konnect – controls your kitchen faucet water flow with the sound of you voice. The serpentine sink attachment turns on/off, measures exact amount of water used, fills pots to desired levels, and keeps track of water usage. Price and availability TBA.
  5. Tetra – is an internet connected countertop dishwasher (no plumbing required) that is great for a small or tiny house. Tetra cleans 2 full place settings in 10 minutes. Patented technology also enables water level heating well beyond standard for cooking seafood dishes. Avail in late 2018. $300 retail.
  6. Temi – is a robot that follows you around the house to control all your connected devices (lights, locks, etc.) as you need them, takes photos and videos, conducts video calls, streams podcasts and playlists and TV shows and l attest news when you prompt it. Sign up to be an early adapter/tester of Temi for one week at no cost at   Available soon. Approximately $1,500.
  7. Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System – includes an 11” smart frying pan, 1600-watt smart induction burner and a video-based recipe app. All work together to render perfectly eggs, bacon, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. Available now for $499 retail.
  8. GE Kitchen Hub – includes a centrally located dashboard with a 27” touchscreen that sits directly over the stove. This Wi-Fi, Bluetooth enabled device gives its users command on all home-connected devices. The Hub doubles as a functioning ventilator if/when something cooked produces smoke and has a stove-top facing camera to stream playlists, Netflix, etc. Geneva is the named voice enabled assistant. Available in late Fall for $600 retail.
  9. PicoBrew – is for beer lovers to make their own fresh brews. Users can select from 170 breweries to order PicoPaks (fresh grains, hops and yeasts) and can craft their own beer recipes via PicoBrew’s FreeStyle program that is delivered to the home. PicoBrew comes in three sizes that vary in cost at $1,999, $799, and $499.
  10. Toto’s Floating Tub mimics zero gravity for a space-like soak. It includes optional ambient lighting and a built-in pillow. Available Fall 2018 at $19,000.


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