Business owners know that keeping workers happy, healthy and feeling safe make their businesses prosper.

What are things that help keep workers happy, healthy and feeling safe? Affordable housing, clean environments, great schools, low cost of living, access to high quality health care, good jobs and low crime rates to name a few.

And where in the country can business owners and workers find the things that help make them thrive?

CNBC has compiled its index of the Top 10 States for Business to help you and your clients find out. Live and work in these states and you may find tremendous benefits for your business and your own wellbeing.

  1. Massachusetts- The Commonwealth

400 years later, the State of Massachusetts continues to offer great hope to its residents and the country at large. As a result of being the first place immigrants landed, Massachusetts offers residents and visitors seemingly unfettered educational opportunities, cultural traditions and historical artifacts and attractions, it is the country’s healthiest state. Its downsides? Air quality and crime rates.

  1. Colorado – The Centennial State

Colorado is considered to be the most inclusive state in the country. It is also considered to be among the nation’s most beautiful. Blessed with geography, mountains, forests and wild life, Colorado residents love to work and play outside. No wonder that 70% of respondents to a Gallop Poll see themselves as being “active and productive.” The downside? Can you believe air quality?

  1. (Tied) Montana – The Big Sky State

Beauty abounds in Montana and its hearty residents seize that beauty year-round on mountain slopes, in lakes, streams and rivers and with a Wild West spirit. The weaknesses? Too much crime and too few manufactured attractions. There are no Disney Worlds in Montana.

  1. (Tied) Iowa The Hawkeye State

Iowa is welcoming, inclusive and down-to-earth. Access to quality health care is outstanding as is access to quality clean air and beautiful environments.

  1. (Tied) Washington – The Evergreen State

Washington is considered to be among the country’s healthiest states, according to the United Health Foundation. Seattle, the state’s largest city, has spectacular views of the Cascade Mountains to the east and the Olympic Mountains to the west. Washington is home to industrial tech giants as well as the country’s largest assembly of, you guessed it, evergreen trees. Its downside? The state’s crime rate is relatively high.

  1. (Tied) New Hampshire – The Granite and Live Free or Die State

Inclusive, quiet, this little corner of New England has the lowest child-poverty rate in the country. Individual freedom of expression is highly valued among New Hampshire’s residents. and its crime rate is relatively low. Its downside? It may be too quiet for some as again, there is no Disney World in New Hampshire.

  1. North Dakota – The Peace Garden State

North Dakotans highly value peace as the International Peace Garden straddles North Dakota and Canada’s Manitoba. According to a recent Gallop Poll, only 30% of the state’s residents worry about money. Formerly uncomfortable with its rapid growth during the shale oil boon, North Dakotans are currently “at peace “with themselves. The state’s air quality, inclusiveness and sense of wellbeing are very strong indicators of a thriving state.

  1. Minnesota – The North Star State

Minnesota has the country’s lowest cardiovascular death rate. It also has among the lowest crime rates in the country. Inclusiveness and freedom of expression are highly valued in Minnesota. Highest quality art museums, music venues and sports teams fill the state. The downside? The winters are brutal.

  1. Hawaii – The Aloha State

A slight uptick in crime and in diabetes dislodged Hawaii from its number one ranking last year. The air, land and ocean are gorgeous surrounding this dream-like island chain. Hawaiian residents and visitors alike from all over the world love the welcoming, “aloha” spirit in Hawaii. No one mentioned a downside.

1.Vermont – The Green Mountain State

Vermont has the country’s second lowest crime rate, a pristine environment, quality schools and a healthy, active life style. A Gallop Poll found 77% of Vermonters, the highest percentage in the country, to feel “active and productive.” The downside? No Disney World.