Seemingly forever, Manhattan’s Big Apple played second fiddle to Silicon Valley in terms of expense. Not any more. Manhattan now has the most expensive square footage price tag in the country. Granted this top square footage price registers in just a few select properties in Manhattan, $10,054/sq.’ but $10,054 is $10,054 sq.’

The data analytics firm, NeighborhoodX, recently published its findings about which cities in the country are the most expensive in which to live. Turns out that New York’s Manhattan is close to twice as expensive as any other city’s top price when measured in price per square foot.

(As soon as one leaves Manhattan, prices drop the more north of the city one goes. For example, Inman, the northern most town on the island, has the lowest average asking price at $447/square foot.)


Cities By Average Square Foot Prices according to NeighborhoodX

Manhattan – $1,771/sq.’

San Francisco – $902/sq.’

Boston – $586/sq.’

Washington DC – $515/sq.’

Miami – $504/sq.’

City Price Ranges  according to NeighborhoodX 

Manhattan                           $447/ per sq.’ – S10,054/sq.’

San Francisco                       $331/sq.’ – $4,401/sq.’

Boston                                $162/sq.’ – $3,857sq.’

Washington DC                    $761/sp.’ – $2,210/sq.’

Miami                                  $200/sq.’  – $4,729/sq.’

Seattle                                $202/sq.’ – $2,912/sq.’

Los Angeles                         $140/sq.’ – $6,984/sq.’

Denver                                $146/sq’ – $1,708/sq.’

Portland                              $98/sq.’   –  $!,053/sq.’

Austin                                 $86/sq.’ –   $1,466/sq.’

New Orleans                       $63/sq.’   – $1,308/sq.’

Philadelphia                        $40/sq.’   – $1,643/sq.’



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