Now that you’ve spelled out your SMART goals for 2019, it’s time to spell out your Action Plan for 2019 so you can realize your SMART goals.

The first thing to do is look at your 2018 commission reimbursement sheet to see how and how much you earned in 2018. If you don’t already have a commission reimbursement sheet, time to create one. Consider these areas…

  • Buyer Sales
  • Seller Sales
  • Total Sales
  • Listings Taken
  • Listings Sold

Also write down where you got your client for each category. In other words, what is the source of your lead/client…your sphere of influence, your open houses, your signage, your social media, your web site, a referral from a past/current client/colleague, etc.?

By seeing (because you’ve written it down) the source of your leads/clients, you’ll know where to focus your energy and time. By seeing how many listings taken and listings sold, you’ll know where, without any illusions or fantasies, to sharpen your concentration and skills, right?

Your Action Plan consists of the small, doable steps necessary to achieve your goals…the How-To-Implement-Your-SMART-Goals plan.

For each goal you have, break down that goal into small, doable steps. Bundled all together, those small, doable steps will enable you to realize your goals.

Let’s use the SMART goal of, “I want to close 10 deals in 2019.”

Break down that goal into small steps such as…

  • Knowing your Magic Number of listings that you need to generate in order to close 10 deals.
  • Maintaining and expanding your sphere of influence so you have potential buyers and sellers at your fingertips who may want to list their property or buy a property with you.
  • Cultivating your prospective prospects by contacting X number of leads every day on a rotational, regular basis. Contacting = calling, texting, emailing, etc. REGULARLY and CONSISTENTLY.
  • Cultivating prospects who attended your open houses for either that property or another property better suited to each prospect’s specific needs.
  • Writing specific, informative, accurate content REGULARLY that you can send out on various platforms to help educate your prospects about particular properties, zoning changes, implications of interest and/or tax rates, neighborhood event schedules/activities, you name it.
  • Teaching free classes specific to first-time buyers, move-up sellers/buyers, downsizing sellers/buyers.
  • Honing your public speaking skills so your listing presentations are confident, well organized and effective.

Just keep adding these small, doable steps because the bigger your goals, the more small, doable steps you’ll need to achieve your goals.

Two more tips about your 2019 Action Plan…be flexible and NEVER give up.






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