In an article recently written by Joanne Kaufman for the New York Times, Kathy Braddock, the managing director of residential fine properties for Ravers NYC, said, “Most people spend more time picking a restaurant than they do a real estate agent.” Braddock went on to say, “…no matter at what level you’re selling or buying, it’s a significant level, so who you choose as your agent matters.”

Here are some tips to help you become and be the agent/broker buyers and sellers are looking for.

Selling Agents:

  1. Someone who knows how to price a property.
  2. Someone who knows how and to whom to market that property.
  3. Someone who knows how to negotiate effectively.
  4. Someone who has recommendations and references from clients/friends/colleagues.
  5. Someone with specific neighborhood expertise and experience.
  6. Someone who delivers an outstanding listing presentation that includes data on comparables and a marketing plan.
  7. Some who is reasonably likable.

Buying Agents:

  1. Someone who asks the right questions.
    1. What’s your timing?
    2. What’s your financial picture?
    3. Are you prequalified for a mortgage?
  2. Someone who knows the specifics of the neighborhood as well as the neighborhood market.
    1. Schools
    2. Fees
    3. Possible effects of new zoning laws
    4. Community organizations, resources, services
    5. Walkability
    6. Crime
  3. Someone with good intuitive skills.
  4. Someone strong enough to tell you, according to Braddock, “I know this isn’t on your list but just come and see this place. I really think it might work for you.”


  1. The chief selling point of working with a team is that someone will always be available to and for the client.
  2. One team member may specialize in being the rainmaker, or in marketing or in staging.
  3. The downside on both the buying and selling side is inadequate communication among team members about what works for the buyer/seller.
  4. It must be fundamentally clear what each member of the team is doing on the client’s behalf.

Your goal in 2019? Become and be the real estate agent/broker sellers and buyers need on their team.