Master Your Prospecting With A Mindset Of Service

Feel nervous about prospecting? Afraid to pick up the phone because you don’t want to hear the word “no”? Unsure what to say, or scared that you’re going to hear an upset prospect tell you off?

Fear makes normal prospecting difficult, it completely kills FSBO & Expired prospecting for most agents: and that’s EXACTLY why you need to be doing that type of prospecting. There’s less competition, and you’ll push yourself to expand your boundaries, master your skills, and ultimately fill your pipeline with more deals.

Pro tip: It’s NOT about you. When you approach prospecting from a mindset of service, all that fear will simply just melt away – and when you do meet cranky, difficult prospects, you’ll realize that it’s their problem, not yours.

In this video short, filmed on location at the 2019 Elite Success Summit in Hawaii, Tim & Julie Harris discuss the need for every agent to master basic prospecting skills, and provide you with a real world example of how your prospecting is transformed when you quit thinking about yourself and focus on a mindset of service for your prospects & clients.

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