The Harris Definition Of Rich

Is being rich perceived as “bad” in modern society? Do you carry hidden around hidden fears that prevent you from becoming rich because of this? Are you secretly afraid that being rich will destroy your friendships, make people jealous, and undermine your lifestyle?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’re completely normal – but it means you’re carrying around social baggage that’s going to hurt you. In today’s world it’s normal for blame the rich for all of the world’s problems, and there’s a lot of misplaced social stigma attached to wealth that isn’t true in the first place.

Being rich is when your money works for you, instead of you working for your money. That’s it: pure and simple. It doesn’t mean you’re hurting people, cheating on taxes, or stealing the money from somebody else.

Being rich isn’t something to feel bad about, and it’s not something to avoid planning for: because believe it or not, if you don’t actively plan how to create & hold on to your wealth, you probably won’t get there and if you do make it you won’t last.

In this video short, filmed on location at the 2019 Elite Success Summit in Hawaii, Tim & Julie Harris drill down on what being rich actually means, and how to approach it from a level-headed perspective that allows you to generate & manage your wealth as you build a legacy for your family.

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