Most sales people are terrible at lead follow up, asking for the business and setting appointments. These are the same things that create profit.  Remember…PROFIT is your PRODUCT!  So don’t be terrible at this! FACT: 44% of sales people give up after 1 closing attempt.

FACT: 80% of sales occur after 5 follow ups. This means that 44% of agents aren’t even putting in 20% of what it takes to create a sale. Today we’re going to discuss how to do more, do it bette – and how to get more out of that effort.

Typical agent…

“Hey, this is Jack with ABC Realty…just calling to follow up with you about buying here in Austin. Call me back if you’re still looking…”


“Hi, it was great meeting with you last night. You have a great home – let me know if you have any questions about the process”


“Hey, this is Jackie with XYZ Realty. You emailed me about a house here for sale in Rockland. Give me a call back.”

Fact: All of these messages are missing SOMETHING OF VALUE! Why would they call you back if you have little to offer? Do they even remember who you are, how they know you or how you got their number?

Secret: People buy and sell with agents who have and do the following:

1 Massive amounts of Energy and Enthusiasm! SOUND like someone you’d want to do business with!
a) Get a mirror in your office. Do you look enthusiastic? Are you smiling? Are you dressed professionally or are you in your sweat pants and flip flops?
b) Stand up, walk around, talk with your hands. This helps keep your heart rate up and your mindset positive.
c) Record some of your calls and be introspective. Would you have given you an appointment?

SECRET: Research shows that people will list or buy with the first agent who responds to them in almost every case. URGENCY matters.

2 Actual market knowledge matters. Are you answering the actual question they have or the actual need in which you first communicated?
a) Did you research the property they called on before you called them back, as well as the other homes like it which may meet their needs?
b) Seller leads: did you look up their home, their neighborhood, the average Days on Market and trends?
c) Are you winging it and praying to the real estate gods or are you intending to set a qualified appointment?

3 Call with the intent to set an appointment, not just to ‘get through your calls’. People can tell the difference!

4 Forget Mirror and Match. ACTUALLY listen for content, intention and need! You don’t have to FAKE listening if you’re really listening.

5 Always follow up with a) Something of Value and B) a call to action!



“You said you wanted a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage with a private back yard in the ABC school district and that you didn’t want to go over $450,000.. I’ve just previewed two homes that absolutely meet your needs. I can’t wait for you to see them. Let’s go either tomorrow at 4pm or this evening…that way you can be the first to see them! Call me back to let me know which time works best for you!”

versus… “hey, call me back if you’re still interested…”


“I can’t wait to meet you and see your home, so I can help you get it sold by the time your new home awaits you! You said that should be in about 90 days, so I’m excited to get to work for you so you won’t have the stress of two homes. I’ll see you Saturday morning. Make sure you check out the packet of information I sent before we meet and call me if you have any questions at all. See you Saturday!”

versus… not calling to confirm at all or not closing at all, etc.

Post-Listing Follow Up:

“This is Liz with ABC Realty… just calling to thank you for trusting me with the sale of your home. Here’s the next thing that happens… (refer to your Listing plan of action from your Pre Listing Package)… Please count on hearing from me every Friday afternoon with an update until your home sells, which will hopefully be asap! Talk to you soon, I have to get back to work!”


Make the commitment to communicate with VALUE and a call to action. ABC, always be closing and always be setting appointments. Remember that leads by themselves have no value…only qualified appointments have value, and really it’s the closed transaction that leads to PROFIT…

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