Alexa moved into your home just a few years ago by helping you with lights, doorbells, security systems, music selections, recipes, you name it.

Now, Alexa is moving into the business of residential real estate by helping agents generate quality leads and keeping your web viewers engaged with local content and comprehensive reports about specific properties, neighborhoods and local sales trends.

Alexa’s newly released Nav 2.0 is easily available to implement directly into your real estate website. All your viewers have to do is input their specific search address and Nav 2.O will immediately proved them with the latest up-to-date information on demographics, schools, local interest points, businesses and services, and sales trends specific to their property search. Alexa’s Nav 2.0 then sends your web visitors ongoing up-to-date data via an automatic drip email campaign specific to your brand.   Alexa’s Nav 2.0 covers the entire nation.

All of this data from comprehensive reports and all of this ongoing, updating information are easily customizable for any real estate agent or brokerage firm that provides market information and property insights for residential buyers and sellers, for relocation services and for real estate investors.

Take a look at Nav 2.0’s demo page by clicking

You’ll see that you the real estate agent can make all color, branding, header, property information text, photo, etc. choices. Additionally, add a section on estimated property value, lender and financing referrals, floor plans, attachments, similar properties and a comments section. Of course, your specific contact information (phone, text, email), photo will be front and center on your website via your Nav 2.0 connection. You also have the option of building your own version of Nav 2.0 with your own API data…all the data comes from Nav 2.0’s API and you can use that data to build your own similar solution. A developers guide is delivered to you with the product.

Nav 2.0 sends leads directly to you when your web user fills out a form for the Nurture Bar. All the information entered by the lead is yours.

Frequently asked questions about Alexa’s Nav 2.0:

  • How much does it cost? Starting at $100/month for one agent, prices increase by number of users in a brokerage firm. Just go to the above website for more pricing information.
  • Is Nav 2.0 a CRM? No and can’t be used to replace your CRM BUT if your CRM accepts new contacts by email, it can be used to add contacts to your existing CRM.
  • Will Nav 2.0 improve your SEO? No. It comes as an iFrame.
  • Can I customize Nav 2.0? Yes, you can customize everything but the data sets and/or icons.
  • How long is implementation time? After collecting your branding information and custom choices, it should take a developer no more than a few hours to have it up and running. A developer’s guide comes with the product.
  • How do I get leads? Nav 2.0 automatically sends you an email when your web visitor fills out a form for the Nurture Bar.

Will Alexa’s Nav 2.0 become a power player in the housing industry to the same extent that Amazon is a power player in the retail industry? We’ll know the answer to this question soon enough.



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