Linda Kuklentz has been a Harris Real Estate Coaching client for some two months now. During this time period, Kuklentz has been listening to the Tim and Julie Harris radio podcasts and using the company’s coaching resources.

All of a sudden, seemingly out of the blue, Kuklentz got a lead for an expired listing on an $800,000 home. Rather than hanging on to her old behavioral patterns of going through all the reasons not to follow up and simply pass on this lead opportunity, Kuklentz wrote to Tim Harris, “The best thing happened. You (Tim) literally came into my mind and said out loud, ‘Get over yourself!’”

Kuklentz made the call and got an appointment to make her listing presentation.

Following up on that lead and making that phone call were major breakthroughs for Kuklentz and she thanks Tim Harris “…for all your insight.”

Since making those first two steps in changing old behaviors and silencing old, expired tapes in her head that no longer apply, Kuklentz is well on her way to realizing her real estate goals in 2019.

Good luck, Linda Kuklentz. Keep stretching yourself to your highest levels in order to fulfill your highest goals and keep being in touch with us as you and your business progress toward excellence in the world of real estate.



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