Bloomberg recently released its Richest Places Annual Index. This year’s entry-level annual income for America’s 100 richest places topped $200,000.

More than 50% of the country’s richest towns were in either California or New York State. Take a look:

California – 23 richest towns

New York – 18 richest towns

New Jersey – 13 richest towns

Illinois – 10 richest towns

Texas – 6 richest towns

Maryland and Connecticut – 5 richest towns

Florida – 4 richest towns

Ohio and Virginia – 3 richest towns

Minnesota, Maryland, Massachusetts and Colorado – 2 richest towns

Kansas and Arizona – I richest towns

Bloomberg’s Top 10 Richest Towns

  1. Atherton CA ranked #1 for the third consecutive year.   According to Atherton’s Mayor, Bill Widmer, “We value a semi-rural environment. There are few sidewalks and many places don’t have street lights.” Atherton boasts privacy, one-acre minimum lot sizes, and tree-lined streets all within short drives to Google, Facebook and Stanford University. Annual income of $450,494
  2. Scarsdale NY experienced an annual income increase of $30,000 on average during this last year. Scarsdale’s Mayor Dan Hochberg said, “We moved here, as many did, because of the outstanding school district.” Annual income of $417,335
  3. Cherry Hills Village CO boasts its accessibility to city center as one of its key characteristics. Cherry Hills Village is a 15-20 minute drive to Denver’s downtown and city’s tech center. Annual income of $394,259
  4. Los Altos Hills CA – annual income of $386,174
  5. Hillsborough CA – annual income of $373,128
  6. Short Hills NJ – annual income $367,491
  7. Highland Park TX – annual income of $358,994
  8. Darian CT – annual income of $341,090
  9. Bronxville NY – annual income of $340,448
  10. Glencoe IL – annual income of $339,883

4 Places Making Their Debut This Year

Tamalpais – Homestead Valley in Marin County CA

Del Mar CA

Jericho on NY’s Long Island

Medina MN




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