eXp World Holdings (EXPI) is a cloud-based real estate brokerage (no brick and mortar costs like other traditional brokerages because it is exclusively cloud-based) with a digitally enabled cost leader strategy.

eXp’s cost leader strategy centers around its target customers – real estate agents, not buyers/sellers/real estate investors. Buyers/sellers/real estate investors see little difference in terms of their out-of-pocket costs or commissions to execute their transactions as the commissions they pay are essentially the same.

As we’ve written in our posts about the eXp-sponsored upcoming Tim & Julie Harris Mastermind Event April 18 – April 20 in Austin and about its explosive growth of +212% y/y in our post about its amazing rise in the RealTrends 500 and Mega 1000 best brokerage rankings, Wall Street analysts are now taking a good look at EXPI as a stock market investment.

Read one analyst’s point of view of EXPI by clicking below to get a more in-depth “Wall Street” view of eXp Realty. BE SURE to also read the last comment below this article. It’s written by an eXp agent who offers specifics on how eXp agents can obtain EXPI stock plus how agents can build an additional revenue stream to their total income just by doing business as an eXp agent.


Here is a cursory summary of Seek Alpha’s article about eXp:

  • eXp passes along savings to its agents via its commission structure and its agent referral/sponsor program
    • 20% of agent’s commission up to a maximum of $16,000 – after that $16,000, agent keeps 100% of commission
      • Re/MAX commission cap is $23,000
    • eXp pays its agents for referring/sponsoring agents to eXp
  • analyst anticipates revenue growth of 52% over the next two years with an upside of 80%
  • eXp is well capitalized with $18.11M with a history of positive cash flow at $13.2M, unusual for a company with this level of grown
  • cautionary signs…its commission structure and agent referral/sponsor program may cut into the company’s profitability.

Again, click below to read Seek Alpha’s MUCH more in-depth analysis of eXp Realty (and past articles about the company) from a Stock Market perspective. And read the unsolicited comments from readers, particularly the last one printed, generated by this article written about eXp.


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