Who’s in control, you or your clients? What happens to people when they put their house for sale? What happens when they go pending? Sometimes they seem to lose their marbles. How can you maintain control, get your clients what they want and still keep the sanity?

1 . Communication is key. You cannot ‘over communicate’! Calling clients more than once a week does not constitute ‘stalking’!

2. Sellers: Pre-inspections, pre-appraisals and pre-programming for what comes next will alleviate enormous amounts of stress for you and for them.

3. Home Warranty must start when the listing goes live. Get coverage so it’s in place BEFORE the home inspection.

4. Buyers and Sellers: Write your own ‘what to expect from the home inspection’ guide. Coach them that this is not a time for cosmetic upgrades or renegotiating price; it’s to remedy safety and security items.

5. Know how to negotiate inspection remedies. If it’s down to petty amounts of money, split it 4 ways, be creative…don’t allow deals to die for silly reasons.

6. Always be one or two steps ahead of your clients. Lead with information. No news is always BAD news to clients and prospects. When they don’t hear from you, they make up stories about ‘what must be happening’!

7. Be the leader in the transaction. Don’t wait for things to happen for you to clean up. Get the contingencies removed on time or early. Push the transaction along instead of reacting to everyone else. Be ‘the rock’.

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