According to Zillow Research, some features may help owners and agents sell homes for more money and/or more quickly. No guarantees from Zillow, just research. And, it may not be just one feature but a combination of home features that stimulates buyers to act.

Agents, if your listed house already has the feature(s) listed below, highlight those features in your marketing descriptions.

Features that MAY Enhance Listing Prices

Steam Ovens                                          +34.1%

Professional Grade Appliances                  +32.3%

Wine Cellars                                           +31.4%

Steam Showers                                     +30.7%

Pot Filler                                               +27.5%

Shed/Garden Studio                               +26.5%

Heated Floor                                         +26.2%

Waterfall Countertop                             +26.0%

Outdoor Kitchen                                    +24.5%

Prep Sink                                             +24.1%


Features that MAY Help Sell Listings in Fewer Days

Open Shelving                                       11.2 fewer days

Pergola                                                 10.7 fewer days

Mid-Century Style                                 10.7 fewer days

Subway Tile                                          10.4 fewer days

Exposed Brick                                       9.5  fewer days

Smart Lights                                         8.9  fewer days

Farmhouse Sinks                                  8.9  fewer days

Butcher Block                                       8.8  fewer days

Smart Thermostat                                8.2  fewer days

Barn Doors                                          8.1 fewer days

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