Everyone wants to live a life of luxury, right? How every one defines a luxurious life in a luxurious home, however, is different and, of course, luxuries have different price tags.

Here is a list of favorite luxurious splurges coming from homeowners around the country, thanks to Cathie Ericson in a piece she wrote for realtor.com. You and many of your clients will be happy to read that most of these splurges are relatively affordable.

  1. A Second Dishwasher – Second dishwashers are great for homeowners who entertain a lot and even a little. “…I can put absolutely everything in when the party’s over and come down to a clean kitchen…I also love it when I have a few stray dishes in the morning and don’t have time to unload (last night’s) dishwasher…and don’t want to leave (the stray dishes) soaking in the sink all day.” Kristin Rittercust from Danville CA.   Price range $300 – $1,000
  2. Dimmer Switches – Elsa Elbert from Los Angeles loves to be able to “…control the lighting in every room…no more harsh lights at dinner or dim lights that make it hard to read.” Price range $10 – $25.00
  3. Electronic Bidet Seat – Unlike European bidets, an electronic bidet seat attaches to an existing toilet without taking up additional space. The water comes from the existing toilet tank. All that’s needed is an electrical outlet to plug in the attachment. Idea from Carole Marcotte in Raleigh NC Price range $300 – $500
  4. Heated Floors – Heated floors warm up the entire room. They also dry any puddles coming from windows, showers, sinks, etc. Idea from Rebecca West in Seattle. Price range $5 – $9/per square foot
  5. Farmhouse Sink – Suggested by Annabel Joy from Boston, farmhouse sinks are deep, wide and have flexible faucets with pullout sprayers. They add and enhance space and maneuverability for meal prep and cleanup. Price range $300 – $800.
  6. Robot Vacuums – Nothing to install, just purchase and watch your iRobot remove pet hair, food droppings, dust and dirt from you floors automatically. Price range from $200 – $500
  7. Warmer Drawer – Coming from Carole Marcotte in Raleigh, warmer drawers are great when there is only one oven in the kitchen. Warmer drawers allow you to cook ahead for parties and have a place to reheat/warm plates prior to serving. Price range from $1,000 – $1,500
  8. Electronic Doggie Door – A “smart door” a dog can open on his or her own by standing in front of the door via a chip on her/his collar. Electronic doggie doors enable the dog to come and go at will without you having to be an on-call butler for your dog. Idea came from Mari Chazen of Menlo Park CA. Price range $75 – $175
  9. Sous Vide Machine – Suggested by Maggie Spivak Jencik of Ellicott City MD a sous vide machine substantially cuts down on food prep time. Just put the steak and ice in the machine before leaving for work, enable the app on your phone to melt ice and cook the meat without fear of overcooking and then “…sear it to create a crust (when home from work) and voila, a perfect dinner in two minutes.” Price range $75 – $175
  10. Pullout shelves – Perfect for kitchen cabinets, underneath the sink and in bathrooms, pullout shelves allow you to utilize cabinet selves plus see everything that’s inside those cabinet shelves. Idea from Elsa Elbert from Los Angeles. Price range $30 – $75.

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